Searching for Podcasts: Simply Recording Podcast – Episode #43: The Minimalist’s Guide to Mixing and Music Making

As of late, I have been quite interested in audio production and music recording gear. As an amateur music producer, I am always searching the web for hints and tips to help further my mixing and recording knowledge. This week I stumbled upon a podcast called “Simply Recording Podcast” hosted by Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution, and Joe Gilder of Home Studio Corner. The most recent episode titled “The Minimalist’s Guide to Mixing and Music Making,” in all had a rather motivating and laid back tone behind it when it comes producing and getting your musical ideas recorded to be mixed and completed.

During this episode, Joe and Graham talk about how home studio recording has gotten harder to pull off not because of lack of choice of quality gear, but instead the abundance of recording equipment and digital audio workstations (DAWs) that are available to the home market that prevents audio producers and engineers from choosing something and getting the job done. The common notion is that the best microphones, amps and gear will produce the best sound, and that’s mostly true. But what Joe and Graham are talking about is that it is sometimes more efficient to just buy something that works, or use what equipment you are already familiar with, and just get the recording done to be mixed and released. It is always a challenge for engineers and producers because we are perfectionists, but Graham wants to motivate engineers to create more music with what recording and mixing equipment they have and assure them that they can pull it off by putting on his “One Song One Month Challenge”, where those who sign up and continue to reach the goal of one finished song per month, can be rewarded quality gear from The Recording Revolution.

Other tips that Joe and Graham include in this podcast are things like: how to increase workflow of a mix by getting rid of unused plug-ins, setting short term goals like making one song a month or seeing how well you can mix raw tracks in one hour, and setting up a calendar for when you want to record or mix. Getting used to doing these things can really help any upcoming audio producer or engineer in the long run.

I really enjoyed this podcast because it really lightens the load for upcoming audio producers and engineers. These guys are very informative and good at explaining everything they are talking about without all of the technical jargon. They also have pleasant voices, which makes listening that much easier. And aside from that this is only episode #43. Other topics they cover in different episodes include: how to mix in mono on crappy speakers, secrets to writing better (and more) songs in the studio, or 3 ways to get more out of your microphones, and so much more. All of this stuff is really important to know especially for a guy like me looking to become a professional audio producer in the future.


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